Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Cat & Dog

Harini is my free day. 
Officers yang dah lama cuti is back in the clinic and my awesome boss put me on rest.

This year I bought no baju raya. I recycled my old baju raya from 2 years ago since I rarely used it. Too fancy and lacy. I told my assistant about this. He was like, 

“Yelah, dr kan pakai baju raya hari-hari.. Raya ni takyah beli dah. Hari-hari pakai baju kurung. Almari dr takda baju lain ke?"

Jangan dengki dengan saya please Ajeran

He laughed and continued playing games on his mobile phone. I seriously feel like confiscating his phone. 

Teringat masa awal-awal mula bekerja dulu. 

Ajeran, ada satu patient

“Dr, saya race satu lap lagi, then kita panggil patient..”

No Azran, sekarang.. sekarang.. stop playing. Kesian patient tunggu

*10 min passed by he’s still playing*


By time.. I will just let him finish his 1 lap first.

“Azran, one last lap then saya panggil patient. Race laju-laju sikit..!”

Azran ambilkan saya Matrix Band, GIC dengan Floss. GIC jangan mix lagi ya

“Dr nak apa tadi. Matrix band pastu..?”

Takpa Ajeran saya ambil sendiri. Saya cakap tadi, Azran angguk. 

"Dr saya tengah main game. Jangan cakap dengan saya..” 

Lepastu awak angguk tadi tu kenapa  😑


After a year we are good. No more misunderstanding No giving up. Haha

“Azran, saya nak buat filling (tampalan), ambil saya matrix band. gap 1 minutes. bonding. gap 1 minutes. plastic intrument. gap 1 minutes. Cure filling and then ambil floss. 

“ambik apa dr??”



Both laughed. 😆

Bilik 1 kalau gelak sampai bilik pegawai dengar. Apa yang kelakar naw? Anjing dengan kucing communicate, dua-dua tak faham masing-masing.

Azran kahwin cepat sikit.. senang sikit nak faham perempuan fikir macam mana

"Saya pulak. Dr la..!"

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Stranger's Tears

Al-Fatihah to Kak Zai. TSL's helper lady.  

Today, my mind flew a lil bit far.. 
to one night in July last year, around 2am in the morning. My friend and I promised to teman each other oncall. 

One lady was pushed in the red zone with bleeding on the face. Can neither move nor walk, she was trembling on the bed. Maybe cold maybe shocked. 

"Puan, saya dr. gigi. Kita bersihkan luka dekat muka ni ya. Kita nak tau berdarah ni luka dari mana"

She kept quiet. No respond. 

"Puan, tangan boleh bergerak? Kita nak ambil cop jari untuk kebenaran rawatan ye"

"Tangan saya.. tak boleh bergerak. Dr, suami saya mana? Boleh panggil suami saya. Dia boleh tandatangan kebenaran rawatan" 

Then I realised I havent read the report summary yet. 

A case of MVA. Skidded and hit a tree. Husband and wife. Husband died on scene.

*my hand starts trembling* 

Its our policy not to tell patient until he/she finishes the treatments

"Puan, kita jahit luka dekat mulut dulu ya"

"Dr. Suami saya mana?" Saya tiada siapa-siapa selain suami saya" 

"Puan... puan sabar ya" 

Done stitching. She was pushed to the emergency Operation Room due to pelvic bone and arm fractures. 

I went back home. 

The news was just too much to contain. 

I lost the battle and burst into tears on my bed. Hoping tomorrow she will be strong more than ever. 

As He knows the capability of His servants~

Sunday, June 17, 2018

Happy Father’s Day Abah

I heard someone was crying when I opened my eyes and saw Abah at my side. 

Never once I saw so much tears on his cheeks.
And I fell asleep again. When I woke up, I was on the hospital bed. Abah was there, sitting on the chair next to me.

15 years ago, you held my hand again and taught me just how to walk. Scooped me up when I'm about to fall. 

When I thought that this phase has ended. Allah knows whats better no matter how hard it is. Abah came reminding that He holds the future. And I have to believe in what He had planned for us.


The man of my life

Allah knows how much you deserve this day every single day of your life
Thank you for just being here
Thank you for all those little things you do

For always waiting for me at home after the long bittersweet journey every week
For the surprise visits
Listening to all my stories how boring they are

Even if you dont open the gate, wait at the door, grab my bags. Feed me late night meal when my hands are just too tired to feed myself.. I will still love you lots...!

Happy Father's Day Abah

May Allah bless Abah always and always and rewards Abah the biggest pahala 💞

Years ago, I once told Umi "I will get married if marriage means I will welcome another guy like Abah in the family"

I was enlightened (read:killed) by her words

"Kita pun tak pasti boleh treat someone sama macam mana mak dia treat dia"

**died a little inside** 

The daughter-father relationship I have will never be the same with any other realtionship I'll have. But it doesnt means one is lesser than the other.

June 17,
P/s: Happy Birthday!

Thursday, June 14, 2018

'The' Question

Tomorrow Raya..! 

Selamat Hari Raya Maaf Zahir & Batin everyone!

We all knew very well THE QUESTION.. 

Guys and girls. Dont get mad when your aunties and uncles ask you questions that you dont know the answers yet.. 

Instead, we can always answer their questions properly. In a polite manner and always ask them to doakan you. There’s nothing wrong with not having answers on their questions and ask them to pray for Allah to make it easy for you.

In fact, that question is important when aunties and uncles have suggestions orrr potential solutions to offer


I read a lot of facebook posts potraying hatred and anger on sensitive questions. Be it on anything. 

I know its not appropriate. I know.. 

But.. lets just assume they dont know how heart-killing this questions can be on us 

Anwering the questions, but deep down we are throwing anger and bad words.. posting sarcastic posts and tweets... 

One day we will reach that age, and might repeat the mistakes we once hated

Most of the times they just wanted to start a conversation

Dont be angry angry..

Soalan bila nak kahwin ni is actually a whole lot better than

'Berapa gaji kau? Gaji dapek awal kan rayo ni? Duit rayo den mano?"

Trust me

'The Question' Survivor,

We are allowed to kill only if they ask..
"gigi kucing makcik ni macam ada hitam-hitam. memang macam ni ke?"

Makcikk.. Im just speechless to the moon and back *holding knife*

Jk...!! haha

Kullu A'ami Wa Antum Bilkhoir
Taqoballahu Minna Wa Minkum