Thursday, January 28, 2010

cross country...


As the title mentioned above.... i just finished my cross country...well, it's not that far. Only 5 km... I took about 25 minutes to finish it up... *it's quite good actually*..huhu..

I still remember 2 years ago. This X country really made me flashing back my "kindy" time.. hehe.. i was only sweet 13....

I have X country but at that moment i wasn't alone as I am now. I ran together with my energetic big sister...haha. we have to run about 7 km. I'm such a big liar if I say that it was not tiring. I felt like collapsing. But...... with my sister beside me, supporting me from behind, I managed to finish the X country. At first, I felt that my sister was such a mean sister. forcing me to run. well, the words she used still in my brain.. " bicik, lari....ko nie jgn jadik lembik. malu lah kita nanti kalo sampai lambat. kalo ateh sampai dulu ko x sampai2... malulah ateh. mesti dorg kate adek umme ayman lari x laju." -_-!

haha.... only now i realized that no one ever bother whether we arrived late or fast.... it's a competition. i knew that my sister did that just to soar up my spirit... as the result... my sister got the tenth place and followed by me. she's so proud with the medal. its just a medal. At least i have burnt my fat thou..... *jealousy*...haha

sometime....i miss the time me and my sisters had together... a memorable memories that i will never ever forget.....^-^


  1. hye... wah....
    terer nyer ateh... hihihih

  2. ehem2 jeee keje nyer...well u know meee..hehehe^_^


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