Sunday, March 21, 2010



People always wonder how a man or a girl could be a bad person. But they never figure out how they ended up like that. Sometimes we felt pity for them. We blame their parents, teachers and friends. They never know that no parents in this world want their children to be spoiled. The same thing goes on teacher. They wouldn’t be a teacher if they just want to spoil their students. However for me, a FRIEND can be one of the factors. All of us know every day we meet a lot of friends, new people with different behavior and type. Without a strong faith in religion we can easily be influenced. Anytime…anywhere. For sometimes I felt very sad and disappointed seeing these “budak nakal” especially my own friends. They play truant, smoke and the saddest is when they don’t even care about their prayers. Although they are Muslim. I’m not trying to say that I’m perfect among the others. I admit that sometimes I do, do mistakes. Cause everyone is not perfect. I voiced out my opinion just for us, especially teenagers to think about it and don’t get influence easily. I’m grateful to Allah as I was given a very good school academically and socially, to study in. I can go the surau and prayed “berjemaah” (I don’t know what does it call in English, sorry). From here I realized that choosing the right friends is really important. I mixed well with the sisters usually at the surau. They can advice me whenever I’m in wrong. Alhamdulillah, thanks to Allah..

Recently, one of my friends was caught smoking in the toilet and he almost got expelled from the school. Luckily the principal was a bit lenient on that day. I don’t know what doa’ he read because this is the eighth times he got caught. Wey, he is just seventeen years old! When my friend asked him about his ambition and he said I don’t have any. I think I might just stay at home. We are too young to give up in life. Seriously I’m so disappointed. Can you imagine how disappointed his parents are. Seriously lah. Please! For those who have decided to give up in life please think about it properly with your civilized mind. Now, I’m trying my best to advice my friend. In response he realized that he is not very late to change. I asked him to forget on what has passed. But I seriously can’t help you to stop smoking. Only you can change yourself. You know what is good and bad for yourself. That’s all I can do as a friend. Try to meditate and think what you want in life. Please think before you do anything.



  1. tell me if there's any grammar mistakes...^-^ *i wanna improve my eng.*

  2. bcik patut buat gonna love ur blog so me.. :)

  3. hehe...bicik tolong daku bantu daku...hehe~

  4. anonymous..?? siape tu?

    kepada kakak ku...ateh..bawak bersabar banyak2 yer....hahha....

  5. to arrive at a just estimate of a renowned man's character one must judge it by the standards of his time, not ours....

    neway..nice 1 ! :)


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