Sunday, September 7, 2014

Noo.. I am Shaima.. Umme?

Its so hard to catch  up with you nowadays. Ms busy housewife.
A lot of things happened while you are away from house.

I once asked abah why only two of us has 'umme' in our names. What about uda, bcu and kakak? As usual, abah answered my question in the most simple way i could think of.
My beloved abah *smile*

"Masa abah minta ustaz namakan ateh dulu, dia bagi dua nama sekaligus. Kalau dapat anak perempuan lagi In shaa Allah boleh bagi nama umme-shaima' "

Umme-Shaima' comes together with Umme Ayman as a pair. As a result, peoples always ingatkan we are twins. Even until now, esp kawan-kawan umi confused themselves which one is ateh and bcik always. Now when you are married this situation cant get any worst. *serious talk*
Theres this one makcik, with the highest confidence i ever seen, we went to her open house last two week in shah alam. You werent there.

"Haa, dah sampai pun. *after i salam her, direct in my eyes* wheres your other half?

Huh? I look at both my right and left hand just in case the makcik is right. who knows, I accidentally left my other half at home ke. And, i was totally complete with both half with me.
I just started laughing when i realised that she meant you.

"Makcik, yang kahwin hari tu kakak saya. My other half? He's playing hide and seek with me." *laugh*

Thanks to you, i get to experienced all this.. Adeyh... And that is not the last i'm sure. Even wo depo who has known us like forever mistakenly thought me as you.

"Mana suami, tak ikut sekali" and i was like "eh wo, bila bcik nikah wo?" then she was like "eh wo silap. Wo ingatkan ateh. Sorry2"
And i just cant prevent myself from laughing again.

When it happened for the 9999th times, guess who's in stress?
Umi.. With the kuasa veto umi has, i think its not gonna be long till my time comes. *laugh*

Im going back to jordan in no time. Holidays are coming to its end. I will surely miss all those moments i had in Malaysia. In shaa Allah after one years (or maybe more), we will meet again. Your precious once in a lifetime event ended very well yesterday i assumed. Berarak pun sekali je kan. Ok tu.. Great achievement. *pat on the shoulder*
Im proud of you :P

Please do continuously pray for me. Pejam celik pejam celik lagi one year and a half i will be graduating as a dentist. Kejap je. Dr. Shaima' in the house laterr..

So Shaima' I know books are boring, they didnt talk but please deal with it. You've succeed dealing with them for 3 years and half and now only one year and 9 months more. One yearrr.. In shaa Allah fuhh..fuhh.
[self-encouragement, i need professional advises sometimes] xD

Until then ~
Send by bestest regard to akhi ikmal..

Maas salamah