Saturday, December 13, 2014

Hanya Gerhana, Bukan Terbenamnya Matahari


“ Cik ”

I was on my study table when a message came in my phone through Whatapps. Never thought that the message was that. 
Honestly, I didn’t know what I should do.

Assure you?
Comfort you?
Cry with you?
Cheer you up?

One thing I want you to know, what you are going through now, trust me (i know i cheat chat a lot. *laugh*) only this time

Trust me

In Sha Allah, he will absolutely replace what He has borrowed you even just for only 2 weeks with something better.

Have that faith.

Later as time passes the wound will heal. The beginning is always the hardest. So, just be strong, sooner or later it shall pass too.

Allah has prepared something better.

I always think how it was a welcome relief, when we stumbled upon those few true test. It reminds us that this world isn’t our final destination. These test are little ways Allah wants to show to us that He actually care and with these test we won’t get carried away and return back to Him.

Sun will shine again after the eclipse. 

So i guess, me already have 2 anak buah. One Muhammad Ziyaad another is waiting for us in Jannah.  
And another one, on his way. For the time being, I'll call him Baby Z.  

And if Baby Z have the same birth date as me, sorry Ziyaad, anty B has new favorite anak buah. :P