Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Turkey Trip And Trio In Europe


 Berjalanlah kamu di muka bumi, kemudian lihatlah bagaimana kesudahan orang yang mendustakan itu
[Al An'am : 11]

Sesungguhnya kita merancang, Allah juga merancang, tapi ketahuilah sesungguhnya perancangan Allah adalah yang terbaik. 

4 years in Jordan, this semester break is the longest I ever had. 6 weeks of holiday. Alhamdulillah. Even though JUST did play hide & seek with the date, but its okay, just make sure me and my friends pass with flying colors, then we will not be angry. 

This is what we call give & take. Not bribery :3


Today, i woke up saying to myself

"shaima, you were born today. and it has been 22 years ever since that"

Thank you umi and abah for every single thing you have done for me. since i was as tiny as a tinkerbell until I am as big as.. i mean all grown up.

I planned to make umrah with muhamad fauzan this holiday, but due to some problems happened in Yemen we couldnt make it. Maybe next time Insha Allah.

Now, angah stranded in Jordan staying with his friends in Amman. Enjoying his extra holiday in Aqobah.. heh

Our Journey In Turkey & Spain & France

 I would like to thank our generous sponsor for our vacation in Turkey. hehe

One of the family picture took along the way back to Istanbul. 
p/s: extremely cold


Fateh Mosque

Hagia Sophia

Blue Mosque

Last day in Turkey
then we fly.... to
Malaga, SPAIN

Umi abah and the rest went back after turkey trip. Me, Muhamad Fauzan and Siti Hajar continue our bro & sis trip to Andalucia, Spain & France



Orange trees.. eh

And then fly..... to

the tower..
i told them to go to the summit. but they told me

"nanti naik kapal terbang lagi tinggi lagi besar boleh nampak"


Budget Issues

*wipe tears*

again, budget issue
bergambar depan pintu je. *wipe tears*
And finally, here I am back in Jordan writing this post. next week I'll be back in Cubicle No. 10

back at my daily routine

can you open your mouth? i need to check your teeth miss :')

Monday, February 2, 2015

Uhibbuki kaifamakunti


*a pebble hit my shoulder*

" ehem, whats that? "



" the one you wrote as title. what does it mean? "

hmm, that one.  

Uhibbuki kaifa maa kunti.  

Loving you as you are. 
No matter how. 
Because LOVE doesnt need reasoning.