Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Its a long shot Blue!

Feeling throwing back.. the 899-Ringgit-Malaysia Blue

It was around 4 years ago when Abah came back from Terengganu with this lil tiny sky blue notebook. 
Back then, I was a first year BDS student in UniKL Kajang. Since abah arrived late at night, I was already far in my dream land. 

The next morning, classes started early in the morning. I knew abah is in the house when my subuh alarm changed from a bell ring to a knock knock on the door..fan switch off.. Light turn on.. blanket pull off.. And splashes of water on my face with a husky voice calling "subuh.. Subuh.. Subuh.." 

It was only until that night we really have time to see each other. He told me to take his laptop bag in the room. 

"Sayang abah amikkan bag abah dalam bilik" 

In no time, I went to his room grabbed the bag and got back to abah. *how I miss this nickname*

"Cuba tengok ada notebook biru tak dalam bag tu"

"Ada.." I said looking at him

"Cuba keluarkan tengok ok tak?" 

"Untuk bcik ke bah?" *buat-buat tanya*
Yet in the stomach butterflies flying around

"Senang bcik nak guna. Kecik, ringan pun ringan.." Abah pretend to look at the television

"Thanks abah! Terima kasih banyak-banyak. I really appreciate this" A sentence of appreciation that I wish.. I had said to him 4 years ago. 

Until now, this lil tiny sky blue notebook has been providing a gold-rated service for me. Only for the past few months its service deteriorated to bronze. huu *wipe tears*

I still remember how close we used to be. I brought Blue to class almost everyday. Studying with you in the library.

Celebrating its 5th year service award in upcoming August. I am thinking of buying a new friend for her.  
I hope you dont mind blue! ^^

Just kidding blue :P
Abah taught me, one thing I can never forget. and thats the reason i still have you with me. Im such a big liar blue if I say I dont have the desire to have new laptop with improved technology and faster.. *laugh*

Outside there, there are so many people who are not blessed with wealth as we do. Knowing that, Abah always remind us about how important 'barakah' is, in our lives. 

Blue, I still remember abah's famous line

"Bila membazir jadi amalan, macam mana nak dapat Keberkatan"

So no worries Blue, as long as you didnt sleep forever, I wont sell you. 
But maybe I'll give you to my lil sister and get a new one..! 

Sorry Blue! 

*slap on the forehead* 

*this post is dedicated to Blue who has tested my patience to the level almost beyond moderate..