Thursday, October 22, 2015

Si Kenet Cenonet

Assalamualaikum jamaah..

Rub eyes..

Rub eyes..

Someone slap me?

Im over the moon..

Alhamdulillah thumma alhamdulillah thumma alhamdulillah, beautiful Baby G was born safely today. Big sis made it happened miraculously! Trust me, it happened so fast that I'm still having hard time believing the pictures sent in family whatapps group..

4 hours contraction and fuhh.. Baby G was out..

That first picture... *wipe tears*

Never once I woke up smiling to my ears, with tears pooling in my eyes at 4am in the morning.. That was an absolute happiness.. I have to use my pillow to wipe my tears first and then my air liur basi..

And when I swithced on the light, I took the wrong pillow. It was Ain's..

jokes... Ain.. jokes.. I'm just joking.. *laugh*

Three! I'm anty of 3 budak kecik cenonet. and more to come Insha Allah *smile*

Buah hati pengarang jantung intan payung masam manis.. what else?? haha
Muhammad Ziyaad then came Muhammad Zeidan and then Baby G.
Officially the first girl standing in the history of cucu-cucu Tok Abah & Tok Umi. *pat on the shoulder*

2.89 kg
5 am in the morning of 10 Muharram
Hari Jumaat
23th October 2015

To Abang Ikmal and Ateh.. nothing much to say.. just happy celebrating eye bags together.. :P

And midnight radio? hehe

Tarbiyatul Aulad? No worries, umme ayman got that covered perfectly when she was in Jordan.. haha

And sorry, I stole the first 'news release' in Facebook first.. *lari*

Ziyaad: eyp me.. eyp me.. plishh

Ya Allah so cute!

p/s: picture will be released later. I hope everyone to be patient.. :P

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Have you ever wondered?

Tomorrow is Awal Muharram holiday. Allow me to write tonight? *smile*

A lot of things are happening in Irbid this week. Well, we have Superb, we have Muslimah Syurgawi (UniKL girls) gathering, we have gotong royong PERMAI and last but not least.. we have daurah tomorrow. 

Alhamdulillah. Good things right?

Pemuda dan masa lapang equal to.. maksiat 

Its been 3 weeks since my final year started for real but I still feel like its a dream. I'm a final year students? Ya Allah, how time flies! 

Have you ever wondered.. long time ago when you were still planning, dreaming and guessing what you'll be in 5 years time that 'this' are what going to happen.. Shaima?

1. studying dentistry
2. living oversea
3. glad that i meet my friends and these awesome people surrounding me
4. speak in Arabic daily
5. travel around the world
Athens, Greece
August 2015
6. have two super cute niece and one nephew comings
7. living with my friends and still learning how to cook properly

Compared to what I actually thought will happen.. 

1. studying to become a Geologist
2. locally
3. I will be a let-me-read-story books person or in harsh words - 'not friendly'
4. Forget Bahasa Arab cause in my PMR i got B for BA and I gave up arabic ever since that day.. 

Al-kisahnya I keep ponteng my Arabic class untill my ustazah got very angry and cursed her students..  huhu (aseefah jiddan ya muallimah)

5. I dont have my own money to travel
6. This one is exception. I know my big brother will get married and i'll be anty in no time :D
7. I wanna get married at 20 *gelak tutup mulut* ok tak, tipu je 

Hazaa Min Fadlee Rabbi :)
We planned. He planned too. Verily He is The Best Planner. 

I used to questions myself, why this and that happen. Why not my life follows what I had planned the best. 
The answer is simple. Cause He knows what is better for us. Rainbow doesnt appear immediately after the rain and storms. It takes sometimes. 

So, have faith. 

New Year's Resolution: Striving to be better and better each day..

*slap on the forehead*