Friday, January 29, 2016

Auny B survival Tips!


When Afnan was born last October, I wrote something about giving updates and pictures of baby G (which is Afnan Zakiyya) soon.

Here I am forcing myself to fulfill my promise now before Afnan turns 17..

So, picture first!

Amoi turned 3 months old last January, 23th

Thanks to Amoi, Anty B learned that babies are the most incredible bosses. Ever!
Well that was before, anty become cleverer by time.. :P
 that your crocodile tears can never fool me anymore.. *pat on my shoulder*

Please dont send me to aunties rehab centre pls. 

I still remember in the young days of me being anty to Amoi, it was a whole new experience. 
She smile when I smile.
 Then she start giggling. 

life wasnt that easy gais

I was wrong when I thought what was in her mind was 'I am her new friend'. 

no friend treated her friend this way

Amoi pee on me
pee on me
and muntah on me

A lots

*wipe tears*

The first time I heard Amoi crying, I was as fast as lightning 
running to get her
third time I started brisk walking

and now, 
"Amoi crying again is it?.. *munching kerepek*

let her lungs do some exercise...

After some exercise done


Jokess Afnan.. Anty was just joking.. <3 comment-3--="">

You are apple of my eyes.. 
Bangun pagi cari Afnan, 
Breakfast cari Afnan, 
Lunch cari Afnan
Afnan balik rumah, anty scroll gambar Afnan..

Buah hati pengarang jantung pisang intan payung anty. did I miss any fruit to include???

Walaupun menangis suara terus Gear 88.. 
My alarm buzzes the same way.. 

So Afnan, nothing much I want to say just..
Please be grateful.. *cough*

Anty B

p/s: I will loyally wait for the time we can be 'real' friends