Tuesday, March 22, 2016

This is my fight song

In less than 4 months
It will be 5 years I'm in dental school. Alhamdulillah

To be true..

The idea of giving up came into my mind every second existed
Assuring myself that I can do this.. I can do this..  I can do this.. countless times
That I'm not sure if it will work anymore in the future

Motivating myself in the middle of the night
when I get bad dreams about tomorrow
That 'this shall pass too'

Looking back how far I have gone just to tell myself
I cant possibly give up

Coming into the clinic with a mindset
'I have gone thru this before'
So when im being yelled for the mistakes I am responsible on
I will not break down in front of the patients

For all the promises made
I prepared myself to not hold on to it until it happens
So when the promises were broken
I still have the strength to walk home

Forcing myself to think that
everything that happens,
there's always a reasons why Allah wants it to happen
And then,
I can paint a smile on my face no matter how hard it is to accept

Squeezing 'work out' in my schedule
So when I need to repeat my works over and over again
I have the muscles to depend on

Reassuring myself not to cry
after every rejection I get
As a YES always come in pair with a NO

Planting courage as high as the mountain
so when I need it, I can go for it without hesitation

Refrain myself from letting my emotion to take control of me
So I can think logically
when problem arises

Making sure that I eat a lot in the morning
So when I have to spend the whole day in the clinic
I am strong

Physically & mentally Drained
Is just a temporary condition
And in one night, It will be a new me.