Sunday, December 13, 2009

a letter from sudann..^_^hehe

bersyukur kita kehadrat illahi..kerana masih diberi kesempatan untuk bernafas..
sebenar nya 2 ke 3 hari kebelakangan ini aku sering mendengar berita kematian...semalam aku baru pulang dari majlis soalat jenazah ustaz arman...semoga roh nya dicucuri rahmat..serta keluarga nyer tabah menghadapi ujian ini..semalam ustaz arman telah dipanggil untuk menghadap sang pencipta nanti esok lusa akan tiba juga masa kita untuk berjumpa-NYA..tapi apa persiapan kita?? tepuklah dada tanya iman mu...peristiwa kebelakangan ini menyebabkan aku tersingkap akan memori ngeri yang tidak pernah kan ku lupa hingga akhir hayat ku... ..hanya kepada ALLAH sahaja tempat kami mengadu...akan tetapi pabila ku lihat smlm..isteri dan anak2 ustaz Arman kesedihan hati mereka hanya ALLAH sahaja yang tahu...BERAT MATA YANG MEMANDANG BERAT LAGI BAHU YANG MEMIKUL...
ALLAH akan mengunji manusia itu mengikut kemampauan dah tahap keimanan hamba nya...

oleh itu kita yang masih hidup ..berpesan-pesan lah kepada kebaikan...beringat2-ingatlah kepada keburukan
cukuplah mati itu sebagai peringat...

heheh..panjanglak intro..
actually i got a letter from my sis in sudan..heheh..
so pas pikir2 nak letak kat blog laa..

dalam surat die ade ceritakan about sudan..n suasana kat ctu..
ingat blog al-alifat jee nak citer pasal sudan die pon nak jugak..*_*

so..selamat membaca...

Bored…. (-_-) 13 December

Hmmm…today as usual when everyone (I mean my sisters) went to school I live alone… actually I recently came back from Aunt Maria’s house. We were celebrating the last day of some of the residents because they will be living soon. More like a farewell party. Ouh..only for the madams ya. Of course I’m sad. We were laughing, talking and flashing back our sweet and unforgettable memories in PETRONAS Complex. Far away from our fatherland, Malaysia. I’m so grateful to Allah as I was given the opportunity to stay in this blessed country, Sudan. When the first time I was told I was going to live in Sudan my mind automatically portrayed a dull desert with dust all over the place and suffered there. I thought that Sudan is boring. However, everything didn’t turn up like what I imagined. Living here wasn’t bad as I thought as it is. I’m so impressed and shocked to find out that I have a lot of awesome and caring friends here. Living in a house that is I think a bit more beautiful and compact (which is easier for me to clean it up) house than mine in Malaysia. The environment is totally different and can be said more happening compared in Malaysia. Even we are new here a lot of unexpected events happened here. Even for a short period of time staying here, its like I’ve been staying here for years and simply ‘’used’’ to here. Except for the weather. My skins all dehydrated and bleed cause of the massive dryness. Really X_x. I didn’t say that Malaysia is not fun but…. I have no idea how to explain it guys…huhu… I hope you understand. Surprisingly not only me and my siblings there are a lot of Malaysian here. All of us are sharing the same fate that Sudan is our destiny.huh..Isn’t that it shares the same meaning. Fate and destiny..whtvr.haha There stay and study here and some of them have been living in Sudan for like more than 6 years. And it’s time for them to leave this country. I once asked one of my friend (he has been living here for 7 years) whether he’s happy going back to Malaysia and the answer is absolutely no. I want to stay here longer. I don’t want to leave all my friends here. I afraid that I could not found any more friends like all of you. I’m so touched but I try not to show it and burden up his feeling.. hehe..*cough* I’m quite good in acting*cough*.. haha.. before that he’s not someone special okay. Before you ask or gossip. Just a new friend in this complex.

Guess what.. Today is the 18th day I stay in Sudan. I don’t want to go back to Malaysia. Seriously. I’m not joking or kidding. Sadly I have to go on with my life in Malaysia. I will be sitting for the most extremely freaking exam happened in my life SPM. I don’t feel like I’m ready for it. Help me. Can someone invent a time machine for me. I pay you up. But in installments lah. Cause I’m not yet working and earn my own money. Haha.. see, when I talk (typing actually) about SPM I start saying crap.

Hey.. I got to go. That’s all I think. Better than writing it as a post in a blog and publish it to people. Anyway I still hope to have a blog one day. Until then. Assalamualaikum.

This post I made specially intended for my charming and cute big sis ateh that once told me that I dunno how to write a post decently in a blog and yet advice me not to make one….haha.. stop being sarcastic ateh and accept the fate that I know how to write a least..hahah. rather than your copy paste blog from the net. Haha.. however I’m not goin to post it in any blog..haha..juz to give my BIG sis a lesson. Haha anyway her blog is tehe best blog in the world… *laughing maniacally*i hope i can be like she one day..heheh*_* keh..keh..kehh charming and cute sis now are studying syariah islamiah in jordan P/S: ateh..bcik wat sendiri nie..haha..try to comment it as I know I’m that good in English grammar especially. Sincerely made by umme-Shaima’ayub

p/s: to bicik..ateh bukan saje2 nak copy paste ehh..ateh copy pon artikel yang berfaedah..hehe
actually i'm quiet busy..imtihan u i dont have a time posting a post bcoz of murojaah..hehe..betul kee..heheh*_*
-setiap ape yangtertulis kat letter itu adalah sangat benar..kebenaran nya..hahah :d..>:)

al-alifat :d


  1. ateh u re idea how to describe. i told u not to publish it rite... theres some grammar mistakes i think. i juz wanted u to check it, not to publish it...i'm so angry...grrrrr...haha..

  2. sabar itu separuh dari iman....jangan mare..heheheh..marah itu kawan syaitan..hehehe...^_^hoho

  3. malangnya suara ku tidak kesampaian
    hanya tulisan ku yang terbuku
    maafkan aku jikalau kau tidak dapat
    menghargai suaraku ini......

    x der keje..:)

  4. aikk..salah tempat nie..hehehe

  5. x pe2....ade ubi ader batas lain hari bcik bole balas...hahaha


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