Thursday, February 25, 2010

pesanan dari abah


princesses of abah ^-^

We go to school to learn and gain new knowledge. Getting A’s in the test is just the topping. Don’t feel like you are a failure because you fail in the exam. Just remember that at least you gain new knowledge in your life. Don’t bother about the examination because it make you feel stress.
From now onwards
My AIM going to school is to gain new knowledge and apply it in my life, not because I want to score straight A’s in any exam.

Never ever blame the teachers if you are the one who never study and revise you knowledge. Never ever insult your teachers because he/she doesn’t know how to teach, because they will never become a teacher if they don’t know how to teach.

It’s your fault if you keep forgetting your knowledge given by your teachers. Not because of the teacher doesn’t know how to teach.

The teachers’ job are to deliver the knowledge and your job is to accept the knowledge. Always remember that teachers always try their best to make you understand and if you don’t they are ready to answer your questions.

Those who always blame the teachers will never ever succeed in their life. Barakah will never with them.

Do your best and leave the rest to Allah. Allah knows the best for you. If you get bad results take it as a lesson for you.


umme ayman ayub & umme-shaima' ayub ^_^

I miss the time me and my sisters had together... a memorable memories that i will never ever forget.....^-^

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